Tips for Buying a Skateboard

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Tips for Buying a Skateboard

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In the last years, skateboarding is becoming more popular than ever. This great sport is still seen by many people as a dangerous activity. Lack of information is the reason behind it. Most people don’t know that skateboarding can be safe with the right protective gear and it’s possible to avoid injuries. If you practice skateboarding in the appropriate places, carefully equipped with protective pads and the correct skateboard, the chances are you won’t get hurt. Actually, skateboarding is even good for your health: it enhances your flexibility and well-being while contributing to your cardiovascular fitness. See more: best skateboard for beginners & skateboard reviews

To practice safe skateboarding, you need the most appropriate skateboard. The standard measures for today’s standard skateboard are from 30 to 33 inches of length, and from 7 to 9 inches of breadth. The longer skateboards can have a length of 47 inches. The most common decks are made from Canada maple, a wood that offers seven-ply hard. Under the deck, the truck is placed, and the wheels are mounted.

Skateboards are not a one trick pony. Since teenagers love new maneuvers and stunts, there’s a wide range of skateboards for any taste. There are specifications for everyone’s needs, including for people that use skateboards not to practice skateboarding, but as a way of short distance transport.

Skateboard marketing was born with Bill and Mark Richards from the estate of California. In the first years, both were selling basic skateboards with wood and wheels attached. Their specialty shop Val Surf, which they owned, was the first place to sell their skateboards. In the ’70s, many different materials were used to make skateboards more flexible and resistant like plastic, Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass, bamboo, and resin.

What should you look for when buying a skateboard?

Now that you decided to invest in skateboarding and buy a new skateboard, there are some requirements you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice. The width you choose is the first thing you should think about. Skateboarding is all about balance, and the width of your skateboard must be chosen based on your height. If you’re around 5 feet, the ideal board for you should have a max of 8 inches of width. If you’re taller, you should consider a width superior to 8 inches (not less). This way you can be sure that when you stand over it, your body is balanced and proportionate to the skateboard, giving you more comfort.


The next point we will check it’s the trucks. Just like the board, there are many widths of trucks. A wider truck allows you to shorten your turning reach and makes landing more stable and softer. A thinner truck can become very handy if you need a light skateboard that makes it easier to perform stunts and tricks. Another important detail is when you want to slide or glide along an edge using your trucks instead of wheels or deck, before you do it, be absolutely sure the main bolt won’t stick on the grinding surface, possibly causing damage and making you lose your balance.

Next, how important are the wheels on your skateboard? There’s a huge variety of sizes and levels of wheels. If your passion is street skateboarding, the ideal choice for you would be hard, 55 millimeters wheels. If you feel like you need something a bit larger, there are also wheels that go from 55 millimeters to 65 millimeters.

But if you’re more into longboards, you can find exclusive specific size models available. In this case, wheels are larger, and their size can go from 65 millimeters to 100 millimeters, which provides you a more balanced and comfortable ride. This is the best option for people that use longboards as a means of transportation. See more information about the wheel here:

Bearings are also a feature to pay attention to, as they play a very important role during your stunts. They are responsible to keep your wheels rolling when you have to make a break and push the board. The way to determine the speed of the bearings, and obviously your skateboard, is the ABEC value.

The slowest bearings are set as ‘AA’. These kinds of bearings can be found in cheap skateboards that are not bought on specialty shops. Therefore, your performance will suffer significantly. Always look for bearings that are ABEC 7 or 5, as recommended by skaters.

Don’t fall into the temptation of ultra-fast bearings if you’re just starting and want to learn new tricks. Fast bearings will make your ride less steady and more dangerous, landing can become more difficult if the skateboard slips from your feet.

Nowadays there are many cool graphics to give your skateboard some edge and fun. You can also choose the shape of your deck to better fit your needs: the right angle of curve close to the kicktail will help you during your tricks, even while riding ramps. Related post: good beginner skateboard
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