An odd question about cycle technique

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An odd question about cycle technique

Messaggiodi Nigan il 11 feb 2019, 5:26 pm

Hello everyone,,
So basically the question is about pedalling. As I've noticed recently that my "way of pedalling" doesnt exactly feel like it conforms with how anyone else pedals. This is only really apparent for me when I'm climbing hills or cycling at higher speeds.

Basically when I pedal during the above situations it feels like I'm doing an explosive downward push onto the pedal (and by this I mean it feels like a highly exaggerated push) whereas when I look at everyone else, it seems like they're Appvalley CyberGhost ExpressVPN pedalling with uniform rotations where no specific part of the rotation is being exaggerated like how I feel with my pedalling. If the hill is steep enough it almost feels like I'm stepping/hiking instead of pedalling.

Can anyone give me some insight into this? Am I jusy riding on too hard a gear or do I need to invest some grueling effort into correcting my cycle technique? Note that this applies to both in and out the saddle, though it's way way worse out the saddle for me at the moment...
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