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Issues pumping up a new tire

Inviato: 27 nov 2018, 12:07 pm
da martinbaker2727
Hi everyone,

I'm pretty much brand new to cycling so I'm having issues figuring out how to properly inflate a new tire/tube.

I recently got a turbo trainer and I ended up ruining a tire on it, I guess special tires are needed to take the heat from a trainer. I've since purchased a continental tire that unlike my existing one was all folded up and seems to almost take its shape from the inflated tube...vs my previous tire that was very hard and seemed to hold shape on its own.

Anyway, I changed from the old tire to the trainer tire and started to pump it up with my brand new pump. The gauge on the pump, it's a BV Ergonomic Floor pump, says I have it pumped up all the way to 150 psi but the tire is still feeling pretty much flat to me. If I put my thumb on it and exert moderate pressure I can push it down to the rim. It is rather hard to pump at this point but I can get more air into it...I guess I'm just worried if I'm over-inflating it and I should leave things alone, if I'm doing something wrong, if the pump gauge is off, etc. I thought 150+ psi would be a very hard tire.

Thanks for any thoughts on what I should do from here!!

Re: Issues pumping up a new tire

Inviato: 27 nov 2018, 11:16 pm
da p000gna
Che tipo di valvola c'è sulla gomma nuova? 'Shrader'(o Dunlop), 'Regina' o 'Presta'?
In ogni caso prima di iniziare a gonfiare devi smuovere la valvola su e giù per sboccarla, se è una 'Presta' devi alzare ed abbassare la valvola esterna, se 'Regina' o 'Shrader' devi alzare ed abbassare il pistoncino interno facendovi pressione con la vite del tappo finchè non si sblocca, solo allora puoi iniziare a gonfiare e l'aria passerà nel Pnuematico, se non lo fai l'aria resterà compressa nel tubo fra la pompa e la valvola e l'indice della pompa salirà ma il pneumatico rimarrà sgonfio.
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My English is not so good to explain correctily using tecnical terms.

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Re: Issues pumping up a new tire

Inviato: 03 giu 2019, 6:22 am
da Randolph468
Questi cambiamenti di temperatura possono causare la perdita di pressione dei pneumatici poiché l'aria al loro interno si espande e si contrae. Questo fa scattare la spia "Controlla la pressione dei pneumatici" sul cruscotto. Questa luce è nota come TPMS o sistema di monitoraggio della pressione degli pneumatici