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What is your favorite bike event/route to do?

Inviato: 18 ago 2019, 1:48 pm
da drake19
The first is the 7 Hills of Kirkland. I've been riding it since they only had the classic (38 miles, 3000' of up) version. I typically do the metric (58 miles (yes, I know...) and 4600' of up), and there's also a full century with 7000' of up. It's at the end of May.

The second is the Passport to Pain. It has three variants (the weenie, the weasel, and the idiot), but I've only ever done the idiot. 82 miles and a full 10,000 of up. Great people and a great ride. It's my end of the season ride in September.
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The third is a small ride I host named Sufferin' Summits. Inspired by Ronde PDX, it's my interpretation of the hardest ride I can put together in around 50 miles. Luckily, I live 5 miles from the hilliest parts around Seattle, and I came up with a ride that features four 1000' summits and around 9000' of up in a mere 55 miles. It's whenever I end up scheduling it, generally the last week of August. Though I'm not sure "favorite" is really the right term to apply to this ride; it really is just brutal.