new bike vs old bike makeover

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new bike vs old bike makeover

Messaggio da JackJohn77 » 04 lug 2019, 1:57 pm


I own a GT Avalanche 4 bike that have had their fair share of travel. I bike commute 4 days of the week, twice a week I do a 7km round trip, and twice a week I do a 35km round trip.

Lately, as I do the 35km option more and more often, I start to feel as if my bike is slowing me down. They just feel heavy and slow, take a lot of maintenance, and not exactly well suited for my commutes (unnecessary front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes might be an overkill and heavy, gear shifting feels as if it just takes more effort that gain, etc.). So, I have been thinking of two options:

makeover for my bike: ditch that front suspension, get a drop bar, new derailleur and chain, paintjob, etc.

go for a simple and cheap (sub 600$) single speed, then maybe some minor upgrades and adaptations (fitting my rack and other things that are purely functional

I'm currently leaning towards the second option, as I believe it will get me closer to what I actually look for- a lightweight, super easy to use, low maintenance, functional bike. However, my main concern is the quality of these cheap bikes. Should I be worrying about durability, not good enough brakes, etc? what would you choose, a new cheap single speed, or makeover for an old (at least in km's) slow heavy bike?


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